Film Categorizations: Meeting A Need

I’m the kind of person that likes to have things organized. Databases, shelves, desks, they’ve all got to be just so. And as I work on this blog, I see the need to delineate the types of films I’m posting about.

There are many types of time travel films. So are hard-core time travel, where it’s all about the time travel (such as Back to the Future II, or Predestination). Other films utilize time travel, but are not specifically about the subject (like Groundhog Day, or maybe 1998’s Lost in Space).

In choosing a time travel film, I think it’s important to understand some fundamental elements about the nature of the time travel in the film. To that end, I’m going to start posting a key to the elements in the film.

Here’s a starting list of what I’ve seen so far:

  • Inventor – The person time traveling is the inventor of the device.
  • Accidental – The time travel is performed inadvertently by or to the protagonist.
  • Intended – The individual is aware of time travel and makes use of a device on purpose.
  • Single Timeline – There’s only one timeline and the character re-inserts themselves into it.
  • Multiple Timelines/Multiverse – A character traveling and altering events creates a new timeline.

I’m sure more of these will occur as I delve deeper into the films. Look for a future post that provides a breakdown of films into these categories.


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