Entry #4: About Time (2012)

Boy, this film rolls all the romance from those English love stories into a strange little piece of sci-fi. So in this film, one of the Weasley children has the ability to move backwards in his timeline, and inhabit his own body, visiting his past to do…whatever. He fancies this girl who becomes the Time Traveller’s wife (actually she already was!–and also hangs out at Midnight in Paris!!*), so he uses what he’s learned about her to get her to fall in love with him.

It’s part romance film, a time travel-lite film, and a stalker film all rolled into one. I kept waiting for some horrendous thing to happen due to all his interference, but it never did.

I think what the film tries to do is to tell a complicated romance tale, but just using this one woman as a substitute for all the women that this guy should have been with. But parts of it are just creepy.

There are still some very moving parts of the film, whose overall morale is to live each day as if it’s the only one you get. Enjoy the little things. Pay attention to those around you. And for god’s sake, tell your loved ones that you love them! I think this could have been just as emotional a film without the time travel elements, and it seems a little like 13 Going on 30, but in reverse.

*At some point this year I will also be visiting Rachel McAdams two previous romantic-time travel films; The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009) and Midnight in Paris (2011). Having seen none of these films, it will be interesting to compare her between those and this one.


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