Entry #3: Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel (2009)

This seems like a good place for an FAQ about time travel. In fact, the 2009 film Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel is probably one of the most intriguing self-aware films about the subject. Ray, the main protagonist is well versed in all matters of science fiction (not sci-fi) and time travel, and knows best how to help his buddies when the three of them wind up leaping to and fro as they exit the loo at the local pub.

Ostensibly a comedy, this British films turns darker as it progresses, much like Edgar Wright’s The World’s End. It definitely keeps the viewer guessing as to the final outcome, given that the lads know they’re stuck in some sort of temporal paradox, and the future repairer of ‘time leaks’ (Anna Faris) appears to be completely incompetent.

The self-aware nature of the characters provides a fun meta-layer to the events. They know not to step on a butterfly, or to not touch yourself; your other self! The often slap-stick style humor, as they avoid their past selves, is very entertaining.

Prior to starting this quest, I had not heard of this film. I give it high marks for it’s awareness of the genre, ability to tackle the subject matter and it’s ability to laugh at itself. There’s no real answer to the reasoning for the ‘time leaks’, but that barely matters. Grab a pint, and your mates, and enjoy fun romp thru time!


One comment

  1. orangerful · January 19, 2015

    I’d heard of this film and was WAITING for it to be released stateside but apparently that never happened?? How rude!


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